Who we Are

We offer over twenty years of curriculum development (program and individual courses) in health, Indigenous, education and other topics. Our director, June Kaminski has PhD education from the Faculty of Education, Curriculum and Pedagogy Studies at the University of British Columbia with an emphasis on eLearning, learning theories, informatics, multimedia and game development for education, and continuing education/professional development courses.

What We Offer

  • Support

    We provide support to ease planned, dictated, or mandatory curriculum assessment, planning and change.

  • Analysis

    We can analyze your curriculum and steer the changes you need to achieve the best courses and programs to meet your vision.

  • Generation

    We can design stellar courses, programs, reports, infographics - whatever you need to meet your vision and standards.

  • Evaluation

    We can develop formative and summative evaluation tools, and help you meet accreditation and competency standards needs.

We Smooth the Process

Our curriculum services are reasonably priced, diverse, and adapt to your needs. We apply cutting-edge techniques and knowledge to bring your curriculum alive. Curriculum design and development is hard and ardous work. It takes more than being a great teacher to create dynamic curriculum - let our experts guide you!

Our Approach Includes:





Consultant Assessment Proposals Accreditation Prep
Revisions Redesign Program Design Program Reports
Staff PD Change Process Course Design Test/Exam Design
Feedback Curriculum Mapping eLearning Design Formative, Summative
Academic Writing Recommendations Site Design Environmental Scan
Research Expertise Infographics Competencies Plan

We Do It All!

Whether you are looking for a curriculum consultant to ease you through the accreditation process, a curriculum designer to create new or revised 21st century content and processes, or a course writer who can fashion both in-class and online curriculum that will keep your students engaged with learning, we can meet your needs.

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Insight and Expertise

Curriculum is more than meeting national standards and preparing students for the work world. Ideally, 21st Century curriculum prepares learners to become fully conscious, multi-literate, reflective and engaged. Learners need to be guided to awaken to their potential, seek tough solutions, incubate future masterpieces, become active advocates, and develop the leadership skills of tomorrow.

The Next Level

Curriculum is a living dynamic organization of (hopefully) meaningful concepts and learning experiences that prepare learners to engage with their world in more authentic, active and knowledgable ways. Our curriculum experts can help you transform YOUR curriculum into a guide for true 21st Century preparation - at any grade level from early childhood to higher education and professional life long learning.

Transforming Curriculum

Great curriculum guides teachers to dive deeper, to go beyond preparing learners to pass examinations or achieve national standards. It helps students to learn to really think, discover, explore, synthesize, analyze, integrate, and evaluate situations, contexts, relationships, and historical events with a mature level of discernment and insight.

Whether you need to integrate technology, address multi-literacies, improve grades, honor Indigenous ways of learning, or create order out of chaos, working with a curriculum expert can transform both the development process and the final product. Our services are tailored to your particular needs and vision.

We Have the Expertise

We can work with you in a number of different ways. We have worked with teams virtually from all over the globe. Whether you need to develop in-class curriculum, online curriculum, a hybrid blend of both, or if you need short continuing education or professional development courses or training programs, we can meet your needs. We can provide the content, illustration, media augmentation, and accreditation-quality content for short CEU courses right through to full certificate, diploma or degree program development.Higher education is our specialty, but we can also support K-12 initiatives and teacher preparation.

Which Theories?

We will help you to design courses to reflect the most current pedagogical practices, including universal design, constructivism, problem-based learning, cognitive apprenticeship, situated cognition, and the integration of technology. Whether you need in class content or online development, we can meet your curriculum development and/or consultant needs.

Theories define Method

These various theories are applied to curriculum and instructional design in similar ways whether you choose to apply constructivism, problem-based learning or another theory. The common elements for any of these approaches are defining objectives and outcomes, determining content (and the sequence and structure of the content), selecting the instructional strategies and methods for presenting the material, and developing the curriculum. Most theories include evaluation and feedback at some stage in the process. The major discrepancy in the numerous theories is in the philosophy, method and approach to design and delivery.

Moving to Virtual Learning?

Designing a web-based course, or adding web content to a traditional course, is much more than placing lecture notes on the Internet. Instructors must discover new ways to engage learners and encourage them to be active in the course activities. For many, this is a major change from the way they were taught and trained to teach. In order to be successful as an online instructor, faculty need to have some understanding of pedagogy as it relates to virtualinstruction. Some best practices that are specific to this are induction, building of learning communities, construction of support networks for students and faculty, and the development of adequate security practices. We will help you to attend to all of these practices while designing your course with the utmost care.

Recent Examples

Here are some examples of some recent work we have done with various companies and institutions. We can design and write courses for your clients, your employees, your professional organization, your K-12 or higher education institution, or for the general public.


Some of our Clients

Here are some of the clients we have worked with to create curriculum related content, courses, programs or tools.We can provide content development, planning, writing, research and consultant services.


  • Aboriginal Firefighters Association
  • Argosy University
  • Arthritis Research Canada
  • BCcampus
  • BC Open University
  • Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing
  • Canadian Healthcare Association
  • Canadian Journal of Nursing Informatics
  • Coach University
  • Collaborative Nursing Program of BC
  • Commonwealth of Learning
  • Education Direct
  • Educational Insights
  • Elsevier Publishing
  • First Nations Health Council
  • First Nations Pedagogy Online
  • First Nations Information Governance Ctr
  • General Learning Communications
  • Greater Vancouver Regional Health
  • Healing Music Enterprises
  • Immigration & Business Services, Inc.
  • International Council of Nurses
  • Jones and Barlett Publishers
  • Kwantlen Polytechnic University
  • Life Choices
  • Lumina Datamatics Inc
  • Nicola Valley Institute of Technology
  • Nursing Informatics Learning Center
  • Omni College
  • Online Journal of Nursing Informatics
  • Open School BC
  • Permacharts Inc.
  • Psychology Network
  • PuCKs Powerplay Foundation
  • RedHawk Survival Institute
  • Reed & Associates
  • South University
  • Suite 101
  • Thompson River University
  • University of British Columbia
  • University of Victoria
  • Vancouver Dental Hygiene College
  • West Coast University
  • Western Governors University

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